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Take a proactive approach to your workplace health!

Detect the risks to your employees’ health and wellbeing with our comprehensive health checks.

Detect Early Signs of Poor Health

Take proactive measures to support your employees’ health by detecting signs of poor health early.

Book Your Health Checks, Business Health Matters

Support Your Team’s Wellbeing

Show your team how much you care about their wellbeing by putting their needs first.

Book Your Health Checks, Business Health Matters

Unique Wellbeing Plans

After each health check, staff will receive a unique wellbeing plan, identifying what support they need to keep them healthy, happy and remaining in work.

Book Your Health Checks, Business Health Matters
What's Included?
Lifestyle Questionnaire
Height & Weight
Pulse Rate
Blood Pressure
Pulse Oximetry
Atrial Fibrillation
Body Mass Index (BMI)
Blood Cholesterol
Blood Glucose
Peak Flow
Ten Year Cardiovascular Disease Score
Mental Health Assessment
Every person who has a health check will also receive a free basic health plan

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Discover the benefits of a healthier, happier working environment!