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Business Health Matters is a ground-breaking programme that aims to build a healthier workforce across Greater London and beyond.

We support local businesses to improve the physical and mental health of their employees, so that staff are happier, healthier and more productive.

Starting from £95, our comprehensive health checks (including physical and mental health) will help you understand and tackle the impact that poor health is having on your business.

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Our workplace wellbeing success story

Our wellbeing programme has already helped many local businesses improve the physical and mental health of their employees and now teams are becoming happier, healthier and more productive. Take a look at what we've achieved so far.


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Understanding the links between work, health and wellbeing is crucial. Workplace health and wellbeing should form part of your core values and play a part in every decision you make as a business. Here's how we've been helping businesses adopt a workplace wellbeing strategy.

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There's no question about it, great employee wellbeing improves retention and productivity in the workplace, but have you ever thought how much money you could be saving with a well designed workplace wellbeing strategy?

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