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Investing in Health: Making Workplace Wellness a Priority for the New Financial Year

Investing in Health: Making Workplace Wellness a Priority for the New Financial Year, Business Health Matters

In the rush to meet financial targets, it can be easy to overlook the importance of investing in workplace wellness. But all the evidence shows that employees who are healthy and happy are more productive and engaged. So, when you’re thinking about spending budgets for the new financial year, investing in physical and mental wellness should be an integral part of your business strategy.

Start with Mental Health Support

The body goes where the mind leads, and it’s no secret that mental health issues are on the rise among workers of all ages and backgrounds. So, if you want to invest in workplace wellness, start by offering mental health support services. This could mean providing access to counsellors or therapists for employees who need help managing stress or anxiety. You may also want to offer educational resources on topics like mindfulness, self-care, and resilience so that your team can better manage their own mental health.

An excellent boost for every business is to create their own health champions. Up until December 2023, Business Health Matters is providing fully-funded Workplace Health Champion Training to businesses across the county, with flexible Level 2 and Level 3 options available.

Encourage Physical Activity

Physical activity is another crucial component of workplace wellness. By encouraging your team members to look after their bodies and exercise regularly, you’ll create a healthier work environment overall. You can do this by making physical activity part of your daily routine. For instance, try introducing standing meetings or hosting walking lunches. Or provide gym memberships or other incentives for employees taking sports or fitness classes outside work hours.

Staying physically active not only benefits you while exercising but staying in shape can also have a drastic positive impact on your work life. By making physical activity a habit, you’ll notice that your energy levels will get an instant boost, and you’ll be ready to take on the challenges of each day.

Exercise has been shown to have direct and indirect connections to improved performance in the workplace. For example, doing workouts such as running, biking, or even yoga increases your stamina and resilience by raising your heart rate and cranking up your circulation. As a result, oxygen-rich blood flows to the brain, which helps you become more alert and focused during work hours. Exercise also alleviates stress and anxiety, leaving us feeling calmer and more good-natured about our daily goals at work. So, encouraging your team to become more physically active is a win-win for everyone!

Create a Positive Work Environment

Finally, remember that workplace wellness isn’t just about physical and mental health. It’s also about creating a positive work environment where everyone feels valued and appreciated. Ensure your team has access to the resources they need to succeed in their roles. Don’t forget to provide regular feedback, so everyone knows how much their contributions are valued. And create opportunities for collaboration and communication between colleagues across different departments. All these steps will ensure that everyone feels supported at work which is essential for your team’s ongoing success.

In Short

Investing in workplace wellness should be one of your top priorities heading into the new financial year. By offering mental health support services such as counselling or therapy sessions, encouraging physical activity through incentives like gym memberships, and creating a positive work environment where everyone feels supported and valued, you’re giving yourself and your team the best chance of success now and for the long term.

Business Health Matters provide a range of programmes for workplace wellbeing. To learn more, click here.