Workplace Health Checks

Workplace Health Checks

The ground-breaking Workplace Health Checks project targets businesses with employees aged 50+ and businesses that experience lower levels of productivity as a result of poor employee health.

Delivered by qualified gym and leisure centre staff, this unique heath check service brings together expertise from our specialist partners, including a physical screening tool developed by UCLan School of Medicine and a mental health aspect supported by Lancashire Mind, to identify conditions which can lead to poor health in later life.
Based on the outcomes of the health checks, businesses are then offered tailored interventions so that they can support their employees in improving their overall wellbeing and benefit from a more resilient and productive workforce.


Identify the risks to your team’s wellbeing early and book your health checks today!

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Why should you provide health checks for your staff?

The key to any successful business is a healthy team and therefore, we believe that employee health and wellbeing should be at the heart of every organisation. By prioritising this, businesses benefit from increased productivity levels, reduced absenteeism and presenteeism, lower stress levels and a healthier and happier working environment.

Around 32.5 million working days are lost due to work-related ill health each year, and 17.9 million working days are lost due to stress, anxiety and depression alone. This figure is due to reduced productivity, and increased absenteeism and presenteeism, all of which have a costly impact on an organisation.

One of the best strategies for improving workplace health and wellbeing is taking a proactive approach and addressing health risks early on. Many subtle factors that lead to poor health go unnoticed or are neglected until they become a problem. Therefore, by supporting staff with workplace health screenings, employers can greatly reduce the risks to their team’s health and their business.

Why choose our health checks?

Our screening service not only delivers a comprehensive physical health assessment but also provides a mental health element, which enables our staff to gain an overall view of an employee’s wellbeing. This two-stage approach allows our screening staff to identify the resources and support each business requires to improve the health of their team.

To completely understand the needs of a team, both physical and mental aspects of health should be considered. Most screening services do not offer this. By gaining a greater understanding of an employee’s mental health we can support employers in prioritising the mental health of their team and tackle issues affecting their business, such as high-stress levels, anxiety and depression.

To make our service more accessible for businesses, our screenings can be delivered in the workplace on a day that suits you, or at a local leisure facility.

  • Blackburn Council
  • Blackpool Council
  • Burnley Leisure
  • Fylde Council
  • Great Places Housing Group
  • Hyndburn Leisure
  • Innovate UK
  • Lancaster City Council
  • Mind Matters
  • Pendle Leisure
  • Ribble Valley Council
  • Rossendale Leisure
  • South Ribble Council
  • The Lancashire Colleges
  • UK Active
  • West Lancashire Council
  • Wyre Council
  • YMCA