East Lancashire manufacturer makes commitment to improve employee health

Accrington-based manufacturer The Cardboard Box Company has pledged to tackle the health of its employees by offering ongoing health MOTs and wellbeing training, thanks to a local programme delivered by Business Health Matters.

Taken up by over 100 of the organisation’s employees in its first roll out, the company will now offer comprehensive physical and mental health checks to all staff, as well as regular opportunities to upskill with the programme’s Level 2 and Level 3 Workplace Health Champion Training. By combining the services, employees will be armed with the tools and information to make daily improvements to their overall wellbeing.

Managing Director at The Cardboard Box Company Daniel Johnston explained: “Our employees are the most important part of our business and I am really pleased we could bring this level of support to our team of over 140 people. When we heard about the Business Health Matters programme, it felt like a great fit for where we are as an organisation and to complement the existing mandatory health support we offer. I am delighted to see over 100 employees engage with the programme already, whether that is through the Level 2 training, or having a 1-2-1 health check to identify where they can make those small changes that really do add up!”

The programme is delivered locally by a range of well-respected partners as it works to improve health and wellbeing in Lancashire-based SMEs. Funded by the European Social Fund and Innovate UK, the not-for-profit initiative offers a range of services to support businesses of all sizes to create healthier and happier teams across the county.

Hyndburn Leisure’s Head of Health and Wellbeing Linda Horsfield added: “We know that by improving the health and wellbeing of employees, businesses are more productive and successful. Here in Hyndburn, we have a lot of work to do in improving the health of our residents, so it was a pleasure to introduce the programme to The Cardboard Box Company. We are looking forward to working with them to deliver this ongoing service and seeing how much of a difference we can make together.”

Fully-funded training is available to SMEs across Lancashire until December 2023, with health checks available at just £60 per employee. To find out more about Business Health Matters and the support on offer to businesses, click here: https://www.businesshealthmatters.org.uk/

Fylde Rugby Community Foundation Lead The Way in Championing Employee Health

Employees at one of the country’s leading rugby community foundations have committed their support to the health and wellbeing of employees by being the first rugby-based organisation in Lancashire to have their own ‘workplace health champions’.

Across February, five members of the team completed the level 3 European Union funded course with Business Health Matters. Delivered locally by Fylde Council, the course empowers employees in Lancashire-based businesses with the skills and knowledge to improve workplace wellbeing including topics on nutrition and mental health, and ways to increase physical activity levels during the working day.

Speaking about the training, Fylde Rugby Community Foundation Manager Phill Mills explained: “As a team that is constantly out and about working across the Fylde coast, we wanted to find ways to bring colleagues together whilst also looking after themselves and improving their own health and wellbeing. The training was delivered in a way that worked for us at the club and has given us tangible ways to embed more healthy practices into our own working days. As we bring the team close together and increase the opportunities for collaborative working in the ways we have planned, we know this will result in increased productivity and success for the organisation.”

Sarah Salthouse, the lead for Business Health Matters at Fylde Council added: “It’s fantastic to get the foundation on board here in Fylde, adding to our growing number of Workplace Health Champions across the area. The team at The Fylde Rugby Community Foundation are working across the district to get more people active and playing rugby across all ages but they also recognise that their own health and wellbeing is just as important so they can continue to do a great job across their many programmes.”

“Developing self-care is a really important message within the training and is it great to hear that Phill will empower his colleagues in his role, as well as using what he has learnt to improving his own wellbeing. This outcome of the training is crucial for sustaining the longer-term positive behaviour change we need to see from workplaces across the county.”

European Social Fund support for both the Level 2 and Level 3 training ends in December 2023 and business are encouraged to reserve their place by registering at www.businesshealthmatters.org.uk or calling 01772 299838.